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Remittance Processing

A science/testing services company uses robots to intelligently process remittance advices using AI.

Recording Account Holder Details

A company in the public sector receives emails that include details of Account Holders. These details are extracted and recorded in their system.

Accounts Payable Process Automation

Zanui is Australia's online destination for furniture and homewares for both consumers and businesses. The organisation is dedicated to offering the best quality products, the widest selection, and the best customer service in the Australian furniture industry. In addition to Décor, Walk'N'Talk, Black Ice, and Aerial, Zanui belongs to a company called Marlin Brands, which serves more than 18,000 retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Service Desk Email Processing​

Ease the workload by utilising Email Processing as the first line of defense against the deluge of incoming emails directed to service desks.

Appointment Confirmation​

Contact patients regarding their appointments and provide SMS reminders to increase efficiency and reduce fail to attend rates.
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