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Verifying Room Rates​

Verifying Room Rates​


Verifying Room Rates​

Verifying Room Rates​

Hotel guests expect to be charged the correct room rates without adjustments upon arrival.

Technology Stack


This hotel received bookings from various channels and had to ensure the correct room rates were loaded onto the system prior to the guests’ arrival. The front desk checked the rates of future arrivals three days in advance. 

The hotel saw an opportunity to improve the manual checking process.


We used an RPA robot to verify the room rates.

  • The bot logged in the CMS,
  • Gathered guest arrival data for 3 days in advance,
  • Logged in the ERP system,
  • Checked the booking and compared values,
  • If a mismatch was found, it would update where appropriate.


  • The hotel reduced cases of room rate mischarged.
  • Guest experience was improved, having no requirement to pay for any adjustements upon arrival.
  • Front desk had more time to focus on servicing guests instead of verifying future bookings.