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Updating Price Changes Workflow

Updating Price Changes Workflow


Updating Price Changes Workflow

Updating Price Changes Workflow

A retail wholesale business engaged to create a workflow that receives extracted records of price changes for their products and saves the new prices in reports that are to ready to be reviewed.

Technology Stack

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Power Automate


Extracting records is a time consuming daily process where a team member needs to review and edit values for a large number of submitted price changes. During peak periods throughout the year this work load can grow exponentially, making employees more liable to dealing with the long loading times. 


Blackbook’s solution used an RPA robot to extract all items from the portal to a file outside of business hours, to be ready for the team in the morning. The business users manually edit the file at the start of the day and submit it to the robot, throughout which the robot(s) will edit the table fields in the portal and approve / reject items based on values provided by the business user. An output report is then generated and sent to the team for review of successful items and items which ran into business exceptions. 


As the extract is presented in a single excel file, business users no longer need to interact with the portal and review items one by one, freeing them up to other work throughout the working day.