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Governance of Automation Webinar

Automation is creeping into businesses of all sizes and industries. But whose job is it to make sure the robots are doing what they’re supposed to?

Moving to MLOps with AWS Sagemaker

In this vlog we’ll go through how easy it is to leverage AWS Sagemaker to align with an MLOps suited framework. Regardless of where you are along your AI journey, this information will either be enlightening, or be a good brush up on best practices.

Discovery – Validating Ideas Before Building

Ever question if you have a process suitable for automation? If so, this vlog is for you! We will cover the key to selecting the right candidate process. You will gain insight into the methods you can use to validate your ideas before putting them forward for automation.

AGL: The Road to 3 Million

The first webinar in this Customer Spotlight Series explored AGL’s road to 3 million automated transactions. Hosted by Head of Automation at, Ryan Mouritz, accompanied by Systems & Automation Lead at AGL, Nishad Mehare.

Making Your Data Sing!

The second webinar in this Customer Spotlight Series explored ‘Making your Data Sing’ – Creating powerful Data Visualisations with Power BI in Supply Chain. Hosted by Head of Digital & DataOps at, James Payne, accompanied by Solutions Manager at Hastings Deering, Scott Theuerkauf.

Automation in Retail

Retailers are under pressure. They must reduce supply chain costs and optimise margins while satisfying customers that are more demanding than ever, raising the bar for personalised experience and same day delivery service. Many retail companies invest in technology and digital transformation to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.

Automation in Automotive

Buying a new or used vehicle requires a lot of time and effort from customers. Automotive retailers are pressured to offer the best customer experience to keep customers happy. They are investing in technology and digital transformation to remain competitive.

AWS Natural Language Services

Does your organisation struggle to quickly access information? Find out how your employees and customers can find what they need in seconds with intelligent search and chatbots.