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Rooftop Fault Detection

Rooftop Fault Detection


Rooftop Fault Detection

Rooftop Fault Detection

A local council engaged to design, develop and deliver an AI/ML Computer Vision solution that applies object recognition technology to images or video footage from the council’s drone fleet.

Technology Stack



In order to identify and monitor roof damage, council staff would need to manually inspect each roof for damages, which is time consuming and a potential safety hazard.

The council needed a reliable, rigorous and innovative solution to identify defects on the building roofs across their assets portfolio, including council properties.


The computer vision solution identifies defects on the exterior roof assets of council buildings and makes this data available via API to load into the council’s corporate asset management system.


The project allows the council to determine future requirements for maintenance, renewal/replacement activities, and assist with long term financial planning requirements.

As the solution continues to develop and benefit from retraining, the defect identification model will continue to improve, which will increase the financial and safety benefits for the council.