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Pricing Proms Files Renamer

Pricing Proms Files Renamer


Pricing Proms Files Renamer

Pricing Proms Files Renamer

A food and beverage retail company engaged to provide a solution to extract Excel workbook files to save in a specific location with a specific name.

Technology Stack

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The client manually extracted workbook files to Excel from GreenScreen (PE), opened and renamed them accordingly to the content inside and saved to a specific SharePoint location. These files were then read by workbook with Power Queries that manipulate the data accordingly. 


The robot built by Blackbook automatically downloads the files generated from PE and extracts / unzips them. The files are opened and renamed according to the content inside so it can be picked up by the Power Query. The robot also archives old data from one week ago and saves the new data to the SharePoint. 


The client reduced the time spent on manually extracting, renaming and saving workbooks in specific SharePoint locations. This allowed the clients employees to get access to the files they needed quicker in SharePoint and allowed them to complete more important tasks.