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Job Matching and disability inclusive language tool with NLP

Job Matching and disability inclusive language tool with NLP


Job Matching and disability inclusive language tool with NLP

Job Matching and disability inclusive language tool with NLP

The Field is changing the game in disability employment, actively connecting people with disability to jobs at inclusive employers. Launched in November 2022, the Field is a ground-breaking first in the Australian employment landscape, opening access to a largely untapped marketplace of people with disabilities wanting to work, and employers wanting to have a productive and inclusive workforce.

Technology Stack



Prior to their launch, the Field needed an innovative way to match job seekers to job listings. The matching algorithm needed to consider the skillsets, accessibility requirements and the ability of the recruiting organisation to make reasonable accommodations.

Through research in the Field development, it was identified that hiring managers and employers are often fearful of saying the wrong thing, and/or not being educated in modern terminology. Therefore, the Field required a second layer to assist employers to write job applications using inclusive language.


The Field engaged Blackbook to help design, develop and deliver a job matching solution that would match compatible job seekers and employers, plus a tool that would allow users to check text input for disability inclusive language.

The Job Matching solution used AWS cloud infrastructure to collect job seeker and job profile sets from a database API and process in queues using a customised NLP (natural language processing) model. Blackbook implemented a batch processing system to reduce the load on the database upon data ingress of the matched candidates and jobs.

The Disability Inclusive Language Tool was trained on an initial corpus scraped from public job sites and labelled in accordance with the client’s ‘Authoritative Terms List’. Blackbook deployed classification and sequence-to-sequence models trained and evaluated on AWS SageMaker. The models can identify instances of non-inclusive language and provide recommendations for improved disability friendly language. In addition, the model captures the data input from users for ongoing data collation for human-in-the-loop model training.


The successful, on-time delivery of Blackbook’s Job Matching solution was pivotal to enabling the Field job site to launch an industry trailblazer, connecting compatible job seekers and employers.

The Disability Inclusive Language Tool will assist employers to be more confident in writing disability inclusive job applications, and in addition is a public facing educational tool. With language and terminology around disability always changing, Blackbook’s ongoing data capture with human-in-the-loop training, the Disability Inclusive Language Checker will continue to be at the forefront of disability-inclusive language.