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COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking


COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

A food and beverage retail company engaged to provide a solution to verify COVID-19 vaccine certificates against information supplied to validate employees vaccination status.

Technology Stack

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The received multiple employee Vaccination certificates through their system (SAP – SuccessFactors), which need to be verified against the employee’s details to determine eligibility and legitimacy of the certificate provided.  


A multiple part process was created by Blackbook to validate Vaccine certificates against information supplied by team members. Firstly, all in scope double vaccination records are included in the queue. The OCR robot then validates employee information retrieved from the company’s system (SAP – SuccessFactors) over API against document provided. The relevant criteria (eg: First Name, Date of Birth, etc) are checked by the robot against each other to make sure the certificate is accurate and valid. The attended automation is used as a verification station and holds the responsibility of passing or failing documents and emailing the Team Managers of incorrectly supplied documents, depending on if the relevant criteria is met. The employee records are updated as necessary (with a pass / fail) to their vaccination record. 


This process allowed the client to quickly and accurately verify employee vaccine certificates. This ensure that certificates were legitimate and allowed the company to make certain they were adhering to policies and safety protocols.