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Automated Invoice Processing

Automated Invoice Processing


Automated Invoice Processing

Automated Invoice Processing

We've helped countless organisations automate invoice processing, giving employees time back to perform higher value jobs.

Technology Stack


A travel agency received invoices from international vendors such as airlines, hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc. With multiple mailboxes set up to receive invoices, they had a team that constantly processed each invoice manually:

  • Employee would open the email and attachments,
  • Log in to the ERP system,
  • Create a new Purchase Order, and
  • Re-type the descriptions and values.

The process was time-consuming and relied on the speed, accuracy and working hours of the employees.

During peak season, the agency either had to roster their staff on a 24/7 schedule or let payments run past due date.


ABBYY FlexiCapture was implemented to read all PDF and Excel attachments from the specified mailboxes.

ABBYY captured data every 20 seconds and exported it as XML files (format required by the travel agency).

The technology, backed up by machine learning capabilities, constantly read the documents and got better at recognising and matching data after a correction input.

The XML file matched the vendor’s name, account code and PO / invoice number from the ERP system. Then, it was dropped in the company’s dedicated server using sFTP.


The agency was able to:

  • Save resource time
  • Improve processing accuracy
  • Remove human errors due to fatigue or miskeying
  • Put quality checks in place throughout the OCR automation process
  • Increase staff morale by having them do higher value, more satisfying jobs.