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AWS Cloud Consulting Services has been an active member of the AWS Partner Network and wider AWS Community for several years, and we’re proud to showcase the results we have achieved together! 
Keep reading to learn more about AI/ML, Data & Digital Solutions on AWS by or get in touch to learn more about how we can help your organisation transition to the cloud, or optimise your cloud tech stack. is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne Australia. This image displays the and AWS logos together. and AWS Partner Highlights

Artificial Intelligence Edge Computing Automation

20+ AWS Certifications

Key Competencies


Store and analyse data at any scale by working with to create purpose built solutions for your organisation with AWS Services to optimise for performance and cost. ​

Artificial Intelligence

Easily add intelligence to applications with AWS and Blackbook. We have experience in everything from Natural Language Understanding to Image and Video analytics. We’re committed to leveraging best-in-class models to build best-in-class solutions. ​

Machine Learning can help your organisation to innovate faster with AWS’ comprehensive ML services like Amazon Sagemaker and Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth. We have MLOps experts on staff to make sure you can move from PoC to Production with ease.

Customer Engagement

The way your customers choose to engage with your organisation has changed, and so has the technology which can facilitate this. works with AWS products like Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect to bring innovation to digital experiences. ​

Management & Governance

Monitoring Cloud resources at scale is key to our continued success in production deployments, and this is enabled by the Management & Governance products from AWS combined with Blackbook’s technical experience and expertise.

Security, Identity & Compliance​

Securely managing access to services and resources on AWS underpins all projects at Blackbook. Our commitment to walking the walk with Security, Identity and Compliance is evident across our portfolio of solutions.

Moreton Bay Regional Council AI Processing of Building Roof Defect Identification
Pipe Defect Detection